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Domestic Gas Appliance Installer’s
We safely and professionally install domestic gas appliances
Registered gas installer’s
COC certificate issued


About us

The use of gas appliances has increased in the last few years as it is a safe, reliable and convenient alternative to electricity supply.

The gas we use is LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and is made up of butane and propane gases.

It's simple chemical structure means it is a very clean burning and safe gas to use at home.

LPG is only safe if installed in accordance with SANS (South African national standards) regulations a registered SAQCC accredited installer.

The law states that only SAQCC accredited installers can issue COC (certificate of conformance) which is needed by your insurance company when making a claim or buying and selling a house.

Education around gas safety not only safeguards you and your family but also the community as a whole.


TTS Gas is a family owned business the name TTS is derived from the first alphabet letters of our 3 daughters namely Tammy, Tiffany and Stephanie.

TTS Gas has earned a positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly safe and exceptional service to each of our customers.

We are a registered gas installation company, all our work is pressure and leak tested on completion and a certificate of conformance is issued .(COC)

We are registered with the LP Gas Safety Association of South Africa 

So do not delay call us today for all your domestic gas installations and repairs.

• We offer professional and safe Installation of domestic LP gas appliances stoves/hobs, geysers/water heaters, fireplaces, and braai's.

• Service and maintenance of gas lines and appliances

• Certificate of compliance (COC)

• Home delivery of gas cylinders in the Germiston area.

• Free Leak test with every delivery

• Supply of gas cages

• Consults with customers to determine if existing installation is compliant

• Leak detection and repair


  • Installation of domestic LP gas appliances
  • Service and maintenance of gas lines and appliances
  • Certificate of compliance (COC)
  • Home delivery of gas cylinders
  • Leak detection and repair

Our Services

Gas Suppliers and Handling

Gas Bottles, Gas Bottle Cages and Gas Cylinders

Installation of Gas Appliances

Gas Hobs and Stoves, Fireplace, Geysers, Water Heaters, and Braais

Gas Leak Detection and repair

Gas Certification of Compliance (COC)